About Us

Dan Lidisky and Jessica Pollock of The Yoga Connection 1103

Dan Lidisky

Dan Lidisky of The Yoga Connection 1103
Dan has been practicing Yoga since 2009, and received his 200RYT in 2015. Because he is passionate about teaching and delving deeper into yoga, Dan got certified with advanced degrees in 2020 and is now a eRYT200 and RYT500 yoga teacher. His personal practice has helped him grow stronger; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Dan encourages freedom of expression, individuality, and a commitment to helping people achieve more than they think they can in yoga classes.  His teaching style balances the body with unique sequencing and by offering fun flow during classes which results in many “first breakthroughs”, connection, and growth.

Jessica Pollock

Jessica Pollock of The Yoga Connection 1103
Jessica is a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor who enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities. In 2020, she advanced her qualifications to eRYT200 and RYT500. Her early morning and evening classes will offer strength, balance and power vinyasa sequences. Jessica has taken additional training (CECs) that include a Janet Stone Chanting course, as well as certification to be a FLEX instructor for Silver Sneakers members (65+ age group). She loves the bhakti style of yoga that includes chanting, mala beads, mantras, and the devotional perspective of bringing your divine self into yoga.

The Yoga Connection 1103-Connection to Others through Affordable Yoga Classes

Why Connection:

At The Yoga Connection 1103 LLC, we believe in the limitless potential of CONNECTION. You will have opportunities to have connection with your instructor and other students in the class. Connection may be found in hugs, assists, energy, chanting, eye contact, partner poses, etc. Connection also brings friendships, trust, support, encouragement, positivity with everyone at the studio. Connection brings us all closer to our truest, divine selves and eliminates the ego and the emotions that come along with it.

Why 1103:

Back in 2015, a psychic told Jessica that a departed relative wanted Jessica to look for the numbers of her birthday (11/03) as a sign of communication. Jessica began to see the numbers (1’s, 0’s and 3’s) popping up in many places. Hotel rooms, recepts, mileage, house numbers… Seeing the numbers became a wonderful way that Jessica  felt signs and guidance from her ancestors. Without knowing that, Dan said to Jessica one day, “I keep seeing 3’s and 13’s everywhere. I don’t know why.” From then on, it became a shared connection! For more on the special meaning in seeing 1103, visit Angel Numbers.

Mission Statement:

Our pledge is to make everyone feel welcome and capable to experience yoga. There is no one yoga body or ideal age that is necessary. The Yoga Connection will offer a variety of class styles, times of day, room temperatures and locations so anyone can find the optimal setting to practice yoga. With no shame and no judgement, our mission is to guide growth and progression on any level that the yogi is currently working on.  Our commitment is to offer variety in our classes and keep cost low so that it is reasonable and affordable to anyone who is interested. Our mission is to bring connection to the yoga classes through a caring safe environment where healthy relationships and supportive friendships can form.